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Nature Moves


At this time, don’t underestimate the value of getting outdoors these days as much as you can.

A simple walk in the great outdoors, particularly in green areas, has so many benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Both Children and Adults can experience the same benefits –

➡️exercise – (adults should get at least 30 mins good exercise daily)
➡️important time to clear your head  – or valuable time to spend with someone
➡️fresh air and increased alertness

➡️vitamin D from the sunshine


Research has shown that exercising outdoors has so many benefits, and now more than ever, we can all benefit from the following;

➡️boosted mood
➡️protected immune system
➡️improved sleep
➡️reduced feelings of stress or anger
➡️ feeling more relaxed


#NatureMoves #InThisTogether

When exercising outdoors make sure to follow all Government guidelines and respect the environment around you.

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So why not get outdoors and encourage family members to do the same (within current guidelines or restrictions)  ?








Monaghan Sports Partnership has a number of activity programmes to encourage you to get out in the great outdoors – follow the links below to our activity programmes during Covid19


  1. 100 days of walking  – get out walking for your health – Click here 
  2. 0- 3 km Walk to Jog Programme  – Progress from walking to jogging – Click here 
  3. Monaghan Cycling Challenges   – get out cycling for your health – Click here  
  4. Nature Moves – get outdoors and reap the benefits – Click here