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Have your say on our new plan for sport and physical activity participation


Monaghan Local Sports Partnership is currently undertaking a consultation process relating to the development of its Strategic Plan 2017-2021.

As part of this process we wish to engage with members of community groups, sports club representatives, Schools, agencies and sports facilities with an interest in the opportunities for people of all ages, genders, ability, social background to participate in sport and physical activity in Co. Monaghan.


We are interested in your view and invite you to attend an open discussion on one of the following dates that represents your interest


Date Venue Time Who should attend?
Thurs 9th Nov Four Seasons Hotel (Blackwater Suite) 9.30am—11.00am Sports Development Officers
Thurs 9th Nov Four Seasons Hotel (Blackwater Suite) 3.00pm—4.30pm Schools representatives
Thurs  9th Nov Four Seasons Hotel (Blackwater Suite) 7.00pm—8.30pm Sports clubs / Community
Fri 10th Nov Market House, Monaghan 9.30am—11.00am Agencies / Sports Facilities
Fri 10th Nov Market House, Monaghan 11.30am—1.00pm Sports Clubs / Community



We would encourage you to attend or to nominate someone to attend. The information you provide in relation to your own specific sport / community or people you work with will inform the work areas of the Sports Partnership and provide an opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and map out new partnerships for the next five years.


Please register your interest by Tuesday 7th November at or (042) 9755126. We look forward to meeting you.


Alternatively, If you cannot attend the open consultations, and would like to have your say,

you can make a written submission to


Invitation to consultation (public)


Monaghan Sports Partnership is a Sport Ireland Initiative supported by Monaghan County Council