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Speed, Agility & Quickness
Saturday 28th April 2012

Venue:  Annyalla National School
Time:    10a.m to 4pm
Cost:      Fee : € 40

Limited places available. (please bring your own lunch!) Book your place now with Monaghan Sports Partnership on 042-9755126

Speed, Agility & Quickness Foundation Level
Would you like to improve your Speed, Agility & Quickness in Sport, or, would like to know how to coach others to improve theirs??? 

The Monaghan  Sports Partnership in association with SAQ Ireland are holding a Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) Foundation Level Course. SAQ is a system of training that enhances performance in all sports.

How will this help me?

1. Improves acceleration, speed, fast arm action,  footwork, response time and explosiveness;
2. Increases visual awareness, hand to eye co-ordination, and general manual dexterity;
3. Promotes control, energy utilisation and strength development.
For further information on this course and other courses see the SAQ Ireland website (
Monaghan Sports Partnership on 042-9755126
(Minimum of 20 participants is required)