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2014 SPEAK Report for LSP published










Sport Ireland Published 8th Annual SPEAK Report


Sport Ireland today published the eighth annual Strategic Planning, Evaluation and Knowledge (SPEAK) Report on the national network of Local Sports Partnerships (LSPs).


The LSPs, an initiative of Sport Ireland, aim to increase participation in sport and physical activity and to ensure that local sport resources are used to best effect.


Today’s report provides an evaluation of the operations of 30 LSPs in 2014 and has been developed to help the LSP network become stronger and more effective in performing at the optimum level.


Almost €13m was invested in the network in 2014 including benefit-in-kind.


In line with recommendations from the Fitzpatrick Associates Review, funding from Sport Ireland accounted for 40% of total funding in 2014 with the remaining 60% raised locally from alternative sources.


Commenting on the Report, Minister of State for Tourism and Sport Michael Ring TD said:

“I believe it is extremely important that people are encouraged and given opportunities to participate in sport and physical activity. Participation will lead to a healthier society and an overall improved quality of life. I am pleased to note that, in 2014, the LSP network maintained its robust delivery and support of an innovative range of participation programmes”.



Key Finding from the 2014 SPEAK Report Include:

Programme Delivery

  • 261,282 people participated in 982 locally delivered participation programmes. 221 of these 982 programmes were new programmes, developed in 2014 which led to 28,615 people participating.
  • An additional 22,102 female participants took part in 153 local Women in Sport programmes. 55 of these Women in Sport programmes were started in 2014 leading to 4,553 people participating.


Development of Local Sports Infrastructure

  • 4,262 groups were supported in the delivery of their activities
  • 1,401 groups were supported with regard to developing their organisational or management structures
  • LSPs planned and delivered 247 training and education courses, workshops and seminars with their partner agencies. 34,735 people participated on these training courses
  • LSPs provided 10,294 sports clubs, groups and organisations throughout the country with information and advice in the area of funding


Delivering Sport Ireland Programmes

  • 1,339 pre-school children in 117 childcare centres received the Buntús Start programme
  • 6,217 participants completed 441 Code of Ethics Basic Awareness courses
  • 609 participants completed 49 Club Children’s Officer courses


Building and Sustaining Partnerships

  • LSPs played an important role in facilitating 191 networks and forums
  • LSPs were also actively participating on 220 local committees and networks


Information Provision

  • Over 138,500 individuals contacted the LSP network in order to access general or specific sport-related information.



Speaking following the publication, Kieran Mulvey, Chairperson of Sport Ireland commented:

“Today’s report assists Sport Ireland in assessing the impact of the Local Sports Partnership network and provides vital information with regard to the network’s reach into local communities. We welcome today’s findings which endorses our commitment to the work and development of the network. We believe that a stronger network will lead to more strategic planning for sport at local level and better opportunities for participants in the future”.


John Treacy, Chief Executive of Sport Ireland commented:

“Sport Ireland has always placed a particular emphasis on ensuring sport is progressive and attracts participants from every corner of Ireland, from every age group and from all social backgrounds. This is a fundamental principle of the Local Sports Partnerships which aim to remove any barrier that prevents participation in sport”.


Looking ahead, Director of Participation and Ethics Dr. Una May commented:

“Sport Ireland, through the Local Sports Partnership network will continue to take a strategic approach with regard to programme delivery and will keep exploring ways to develop and deliver programmes and participation opportunities in a sustainable manner. LSPs are taking the learning from other successful LSP programmes and building programmes based on the elements that add value. National programmes are also being developed across the network of LSPs based on successful individual programmes”.

You can download a copy of the 2014 report from