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Active Women

Active Women: aims to get more women involved in health enhancing physical activity.


What is Active Women?
The Active Women’ programme is designed to target older women in the local community who are not currently involved in sports and physical activity.


How does the programme work?
Monaghan Sports Partnership considers a number of local communities each year in which to run this programme.
Instructors from within the community visit the local community centres and deliver an activity session to the women.
Coordinating key contact people in each community group assist with recruiting local women to take part and assist with the running of the programme.
In doing so, participants have the opportunity to accumulate some or all of the daily recommended 60 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity.


The Active Women programme provides a model of good practice which encourages non-active women an opportunity to participate in physical activity of a non-competitive nature.  It is hoped that this experience will help women develop a more positive attitude towards sport and physical activity. The programme is run in conjunction with Sport


Structure of ’Active Women’ programme:
The programme involves at least two different activities undertaken over a period of two 8 week blocks ;
1. Eight week activity programme between September and December
2. Eight week activity programme between February and April
Following this the local communities will be encouraged to apply for their own funding to run similar programmes to encourage women to continue to be active into the future.

If your area / local group is interested in taking part in an ‘Active Women’ Programme, please contact us for more information – we would be delighted to assist you in running activities for more women in your area. Alternatively if you would like to consider an ‘Active Adults’ programme (for men and women aged 50+) have a look at our ‘Active Adults 50+ page)