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Link 2b Active


 Linking jobseekers to reduced rates at local sports facilities


On Monday 19th September, Monaghan Sports Partnership launched a new initiative to encourage greater participation in sport and physical activity.


Link 2B Active is a programme targeting people who are unemployed and whose participation in sprt and physical activity is affected by current economic constraints.


In the last 20 months unemployment levels in County Monaghan, have risen from 2,567 people to approximately 6,767. Being unemployed can be a very frustrating experience, is a time of great financial stress and it can drain people of their energy and affect their physical and mental health.


The importance of physical activity for our wellbeing is well known but often the cost of access to physical recreation means that is no longer as freely available, just when it’s probably most needed. Monaghan Sports Partnership, which was set up in 2006 through funding support from the Irish Sports Council to promote increased participation in sport and physical activity in the community, decided initiate this programme in Monaghan on the back of a pilot programme devised and launched by South Dublin County Sports Partnership in 2009, which has resulted in significant increases in participation.


With Link2BActive, Monaghan Sports Partnership is looking to link people who are unemployed with the local facilities such as gyms, leisure centres, all weather pitches, pitch & putt clubs and other facilities where, coincidently, membership numbers have been affected by the economic climate.


It has asked local sports providers to come up with an offer, complete with terms and conditions, for the use of their facilities by unemployed persons.

MNSP has covered the cost of the promotional materials and the development of the programme so for the facilities there is only a possible opportunity cost of having to offer a lower rate to users who are unemployed. The onus on the management of visitor usage falls on the facilities themselves.

Boelow is a list of facilities in County Monaghan who have signed up to the programme.


Click on any link to bring you to more detail on each individual facility;



If you own / manage a  sports facility and wish to enquire more about the programme or wish to be considered as one of the facilities listed in this programme, contact us directly in our office on 042-9755126.