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Does your club want to save money on energy bills?



Attached is some information on our FREE energy efficiency programme for sports clubs. The programme is being sponsored by the Sustainable Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and supported by the …Federation of Irish Sport, IRFU, FAI, Tennis Ireland, ISA, GAA and ILAM and the Limerick county and city Sports Partnership.


What are the benefits of the EnergyFit programme for your club /


1. Lower energy bills: Our objective is to reduce energy bills by 10-20% for participating clubs achieved through no or low capital cost initiatives.


2. A friend in the energy business– EnergyFit provides expert energy management training for club-appointed energy champions. This onsite advocate will be upskilled, empowered and locally available to drive energy efficiencies and cost reductions for your club


3. Itʼs FREE – Participation on the EnergyFit pilot programme is free for eligible clubs /facilities. Apply online:


4. Create Jobs – Provide valuable skills and experience to unemployed graduates and other club members interested in a career in energy management.


To participate in the workshop follow the link on the attached brochure and complete the online questionnaire.

The dates for the next workshop is as follows;
Workshop 1 of 3 – When, April 16th – 6.30-9.30 pm Where: Dundalk FC What: How to read your bills, best tariffs, take meter readings, identify big energy users, identify savings


Workshop 2 of 3 – When, April 29th Where: TBC What: Register of saving opportunities, Energy Action plan,


Workshop 3 of 3 – When, TBC Where: TBC What: Operations and maintenance check list, member engagement, review and recommendations


If you have any questions on the program please contact 0863433368