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Monaghan Sports Partnership joined forces with Cavan County Council in 2008 making a joint submission for this funding to the Irish Sports Council, and was successful in being awarded significant funding towards a one year contract of employment and programme costs.
The main objective of this funding is to assist in helping to address the imbalance in opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in sport and physical activity, which has become an important national goal. 


A significant improvement in opportunities for people with disabilities may happen if there is a dedicated and concerted effort on this target group. 


Therefore, the objective of the funding is to support the employment of a network of Sports Inclusion Development Officers (SIDO).  It is intended that these SIDOs will be actively involved on the ground in the development and implementation of the type of projects / measures set out below. The role of the SIDO will be to include accessibility, training, inclusion and increased physical activity opportunities for people with disabilities as an important factor of the County Sports Strategy going forward.


Key elements of the work of the Sports Inclusion Development Officer include:


  • Setting up of activity clubs for people with disabilities;
  • Promotion of participation of people with disabilities in sport and physical activity;
  • Promotion of inclusion in mainstream activities;
  • Development and implementation of education programmes for teachers, coaches, fitness instructors, etc.;
  • Assessment of accessibility of facilities and provision of practical recommendations for improving same;
  • Co-operation and collaboration with service providers in disability sector, Health Service Executive, Health Promotion Office, Disability Sports Organisations, Special Education Needs Organiser re PE in schools, Other SIDOs, Community and Voluntary organisations in the Disability Sector;
  • Co-operation and collaboration with other LSPs on strategy for inclusion, forum for people with disabilities to express opinions, assessment of current club/activity, setting up of clubs, etc.;
  • Piloting of locally identified initiatives aimed at increasing participation among people with disabilities.
  • Link with any established Disability Networks or forums 
  • Assist the LSP Coordinator in the development of a  Sports Inclusion Policy as part of the Development Strategy for Sport & Recreation in Co Monaghan
  • Develop linkages with national governing bodies of sport to adapt National Guidelines in the provision of Sports and Physical Activity to all.