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All registered clubs are invited to run a basketball jamboree in your club anytime during January 2012. Simply organise an event inviting local kids (open to 8-18 yrs old) to your club, teach them basic skills and let them know how they can become involved with Basketball.


This is a chance for your club to get increased profile in your community and you can use the Jamboree to recruit new members.


We will give you
• €200 to defray your costs
• Skills materials
• Promotional posters for local shops and clubs
• Guidance to help with the organisation of the event.


You need to do:
• Apply to hold an event by e-mailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• In the e-mail give a brief outline of the event you are proposing to run outlining how it will get new membership, increase participation and aid integration of minority communities.
• Nominate your contact person
We will contact you to confirm that your event has been approved and you get to work on the organisation.


Here are some questions we have been asked:
• Is there a specific type of event? –NO, it is your call completely.
• We are an adult only club, can we run an event?-Yes, providing you cater for at least two of the three aims of the event.
• Can we charge kids to enter so it doubles as a fundraiser?- Yes, but again you must hit at least two of the criteria.
• When do we receive the €200? –Immediately when you send us a report on the event and a few pictures of the event your cheque will be in the post.
• Does it have to be an all-day event? – No, duration is up to you.
• What do we do if we have not got a Children’s Officer? – Provide adequate adult supervision to ensure the safety of the children. A minimum of two adults should always be in attendance.


For further information, contact;

Louise O’Loughlin, Senior Competitions Officer

National Basketball Arena, Tymon Park, Dublin 24

Phone: +353 (0)1 4590211