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Active School Week 2013 –


(April 29th – May 3rd 2013)


In order to promote and support Active School week, Monaghan Sports Partnership is collaborating with the Northern Standard to highlight the range of activities going on in our schools in the area of physical activity and nutrition.


We feel it is important for Schools to get recognition for the good work they are doing in this area in light of all the ‘less positive’ press there is in relation to childhood obesity, physical inactivity etc.


If your School is planning some activities for Active School week, then please submit the details to us and we will do the rest!


We are planning to do a feature article before the week kicks off to highlight events taking place and then a follow-up report and selection of photos to give the general public an understanding of Active School Week and which allows us to highlight ongoing activities within School settings.


We would be grateful for your Schools co-operation so please let us know if you are planning something…..

The more info we receive—the better the article will be!



If you have not yet considered Active School week, then maybe you might now do so and if needed,  we can assist you with your plans. Call us on 042-9755126


Submission dates:

Planned activities by Friday 19th April (for edition on Thursday 25th April)

(We can’t accept any submissions after this time so that it allows us enough time to prepare the information for the newspaper and to submit to them for placement)


Actual activities held (plus photos) by Friday 3rd May (for edition on Thurs. 9th May)

(We can’t accept any submissions after this time so that it allows us enough time to prepare the information for the newspaper and to submit to them for placement)


Submit all information to


And if you are looking for ideas of things to do….here it is!!


Some ideas for Active Schools Week taken from ASF website
(if you’re not already doing them…)
• Extra PE class for all classes during ASW (Active School Week)
• Extra playground time each day
• Students decide what they would like to do in PE class during ASW
• PE assemblies –class displays
• Physical activity challenges as homework.
• Students and staff wear tracksuits for ASW
• Lunch time leagues
• Interclass competitions
• Students bring their medals and trophies to school
• Charity fund raising event – eg: Fun Run, whole school walk etc.
• Ceili Mor
• World Dance Day
• Whole School Mexican Wave Dance –
• Flash Mob
• Cup Stacking Hoola Hoopathon
• Hoola Hoop Challenge
• Tug of War
• Bizzy Break programme
• Penalties against the Principal
• Boccia
• Bling your Bike day.
• Students ‘bling’ their bikes, scooters, flickers and bring them to school for
• an active travel parade
• Sports Day Co-operative games event
• Sumo wrestling in Inflatable suits
• Skipathon
• Skipping challenges
• Skipping workshop
• Skipping competition
• Obstacle Course
• Scavenger Hunt
• Treasure Hunt
• Interactive Dance
• Wii Dance or X Box Kinect on large projector screen
• Inter-class Dance Offs
• Hakka
• Salsa
• Hip Hop
• Zumba
• Line Dancing
• School disco
• Traditional Irish sports
• Celebrity Bainisteoir
• Sli na Slainte route around school
• Orienteering around the school grounds
• Hill Walk
• Teddy Bears Picnic
• Lunch time displays – students with particular skills demonstrate for the rest of
• the school eg: Irish dancing, martial arts, skateboarding etc.
Monaghan Sports Partnership also recommends;
• Bringing out your Buntus Bag of equipment and encourage multi-sport activities
• Safe cycle training for pupils (we can help provide this)
• Whole school walking activities
• Appointing leaders in each classroom to ‘get everyone active’ through classroom exercises
• Avail of a FREE bowling session at GR8 Entertainment

 Let’s get active  –  There’s so much you can do !!!