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Monaghan Sports Partnership was established in 2006 under the direction of the Irish Sports Council (now known as Sport Ireland,  Its day to day activities are governed under the auspices of Monaghan County Council, its activities are guided by an advisory committee and its day-to-day operations are delivered by a dedicated team of staff members:


Sports Co-ordinator, Michelle Murphy

Sports Administrator, Lindsay Duffy

Project Administration and Evaluation Officer, Paul Carragher

Community Sports Development Officer, Cillian Cromwell

Sports Development Officer, Oisin Mc Carthy



Sport Ireland aims to have more people more active in sport and by achieving that goal, assist in the building of a healthier society. The Council recognises that it cannot achieve these targets working alone and will work in partnership with governing bodies, sports partnerships and other relevant agencies. The Local Sports Partnership network is seen as the mechanism by which Sport Ireland can achieve its aims through the encouragement, promotion and development of sport within its local community.



The 3 main functions of the local sports partnerships are:



1: Information…

Providing a central information point for sport and physical activity locally establishing a consultative forum
Initiating research
Compiling a sport directory and database
Identifying the needs and resources to form the basis of local planning

2: Education

Providing quality training opportunities for education and training at local level Providing training courses targeting volunteers
Providing access to sports specific courses through the national governing bodies (NGBs) of sport

3: Implementation

Co-ordinating the delivery of a local sport and physical activity strategic plan
Appointing a professional administrator in the form of a Sports Coordinator
Securing related support services
Selecting participation programmes for LSPs modified to suit local needs Increasing the impact of national programmes delivered locally
Marketing and promoting sport

Monaghan Sports Partnership is committed to its own core aims of increasing opportunities for people in Monaghan to participate in sport and physical activity and in making a real difference to their lives. The process of developing its first strategic plan has seen the Sports Partnership survey local clubs, facilitate public consultations and hold ongoing review meetings in an effort to capture the needs of local people. The long term vision of the Sports Partnership is to see the lives of people throughout the County enriched through their involvement in the sport or activity of their choice. While the individual actions present challenges for the Sports Partnership, its success will be based on the interaction and positive working relationships built up with partner agencies, sports clubs and community groups.

While the Sports Partnership aims to make a significant impact, it is essential that the work is prioritised so that actions are attainable and sustainable into the future. Therefore it is guided by directing its focus towards those groups whose participation must be actively targeted.

Monaghan Sports Partnership Board

Role of the Sports Partnership Board

The members of the board are responsible for-

  • Directing the vision of Monaghan LSP
  • Developing a strategic plan to achieve the vision and goals of the partnership
  • Ensuring the implementation of the plan
  • Providing continuity of management
  • Promoting the work of the partnership
  • Reporting back to their relevant organisation about the Local Sports Partnership
  • Ensuring the wide dissemination of information to all relevant and interested parties

Monaghan Sports Partnership Board members (2023)

Mr. Tony Keenan (Chairperson)

Cllr. Sean Conlon, Monaghan County Council

Ms. Orla Brady (MCC)

Mr. Brendan Lillis (Sport)

Ms. Collette Deeney (CYPSC)

Ms. Jennifer Treanor (HSE)

Mr. Joe Mc Grath (Cavan Monaghan ETB)

Ms. Briege Mc Cabe (PPN Sports Rep)

Mr. John Crudden (FAI Development Officer)