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  • Go for Life National Grant Scheme for Older Adults –
  • Monaghan Sports Partnership ‘Sport for Young People’ Grant Scheme & Monaghan Sports Partnership New Club Start Up Grant Scheme.








Since 2006, Monaghan Sports Partnership has made available,  a fund from which to issue grants to sports clubs / organisations who provide activities of a sporting or physical activity nature to young people in a structured environment. This funding was provided through the Irish Sports Council as part of Monaghan Sports Partnerships overall annual budget.

Applications were accepted for assistance under this fund, which is open to the following:

  • Sports clubs whose remit includes the promotion of youth activities
  • Community/voluntary organisations providing sports activities (as a primary focus) for young people

Clubs must be based within County Monaghan to be eligible for this grant scheme.

Eligible areas include
Purchase of sports equipment, funding towards coaching / training courses for volunteers, promotional events, activities promoting school / club interaction

Applications for the following items will not be eligible
Projects of a capital nature, servicing of debt, general appeals, ongoing administrative costs, transport costs

Priority will be given to those clubs who intend to use the funding to add an extra dimension to existing activities and with which they can accommodate new members or provide a better quality service to its current membership.

Clubs will be expected to adhere to new criteria before being eligible for funding – this will include producing a Child Protection policy document and ensuring that mentors of teams undertake Child Protection training for their club. Clubs who have dedicated Children’s Officers will be expected to have completed this training.


The last announcement of funding was September 2012.

This fund is currently closed.

Future grant funding will be dependent on annual budget. Please refer back here at beginning – mid September for further information on 2013 funding.



New Club Start Up Scheme



Monaghan Sports Partnership recognises the work involved in starting up a new sports club and offers advice and guidance to anyone wishing to get a new club off the ground.  We have been operating this scheme since May 2009, and so far we have support the start up of 10 different clubs in County Monaghan. This grant applies to clubs which have been established within the previous twelve month period and does not apply to clubs which have been in existence for over one year.

To find out more, and if you are interested in setting up a new sports club in Monaghan, please contact the Sports Partnership office at 042-9755126.







One of the main elements of the Go for Life Programme is the National Grant Scheme for Sport and Physical Activity for Older People. Running since November 2001, each year we allocate money to local groups all over the country, who are seeking to provide increased opportunities for older people to participate in sport and physical activity.


The Grant Scheme is administered by the Steering Committee of Go for Life – the National Programme for Sport and Physical Activity for Older People. Developed by the Irish Sports Council and Age & Opportunity, it has, in the past ten years, allocated almost €3 million.


Any local group seeking to provide increased opportunities for older people to participate in sport and physical activity may apply for a grant.  Grants range from €300 to €700 and are typically used by groups to either purchase equipment or used so that members may explore a new sporting activity.  In previous years, successful applicants have included active retirement associations, senior citizens clubs, ICA guilds, sports clubs, day centres and community centres in 26 counties.
The Go For LIfe Grant Scheme is currently closed-


More information about the grants scheme is available on our other page Go for Life


A report by IPSOS MORI lauched in 2008 that was commissioned by Go for Life and the Irish Sports Council has found that 58% of older adults lead sedentary lifestyles. The Go for Life programme aims to raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity as we age and to create opportunities for older people to engage in a wide range of physical activity and recreational sport in local, safe and sociable environments. You can read the full report, Physical Activity and Sport: Participation and Attitudes of Older People in Ireland, on this website.